Information about UStoreIt

How it works

How it works

UStoreIt LLC is an internet marketplace that provides the platform for users to hot, post, lease and find storage space anywhere in the country. 

⭐UStoreIt is not a platform to find commercially available "brick and mortar" storage units. 

Residential hosts may list unused space to the general public on this platform for free. There are many solutions for hosts in the residential section that they can list. For example: if you are a "homeowner" and you have storage shed(s) on your property that is easily accessible, you might use that for "guests" to store their personal belongings. 

⭐Check your local laws and/or ordinances for rules, regulations and restrictions. Commercial property owners can list their office or warehouse space on this platform for free. Any leasee for warehouse or office space or other commercial space that is not designated as residential will abide by all rules and contracts provided by the host. 

How It Works

1. Read the Terms of Service 

2. Register as a host.

3. Select your designation 

  A ) Residential 

  B ) Commercial 

4. Select images of your space to upload

5. Describe your space for potential guests. 

 Helpful Tips:

1. Print a storage contract for guests to sign. 

2. Suggest guests use storage boxes to secure their belongings.

3. Number each box and record on contract. 

4. Provide or have user secure boxes with security tape so guests can be assured that nobody had unauthorized access to the contents of their property. 

5. Be sure that all guests have their own lock for their designated storage unit. They should purchase one for themselves, preferably a lock with a key. 

6. The type of storage the host provides will determine security needs. 

7. Hosts should be clear in their description of the type of that they will provide and have clear images. 

8. UStoreIt LLC hosts can maximize their profits by adding multiple storage units if they have room. Types of storage space hosts can utilize: 

  8a. Storage sheds. Sizes vary. 

  8b. A separate garage or in some instances a 3rd garage. 

  8c. Any room or adjoining room inside a home that can be secured with a lock. (Accessibility is paramount for guests who may utilize this option. This may require the host to be available to allow the guest inside. Obviously, host and guests would need to agree in writing of when the host will be available.) 

9. Carport or RV space. 

10. Hosts are advised to notify their guests in writing the items that are prohibited from their storage units on the hosts premises. Example: Items deemed illegal. 

11. Hosts must not discriminate to the guest who wants to rent the space. Check laws regarding anti discrimination. 

12. Hosts can determine if a homeowner insurance policy will cover any costs related to lost, stolen, or damaged property at the host premises. 

⭐UStoreIt LLC does not provide insurance coverage for the replacement to either the host or guests for any lost, damaged, or stolen property. 

Note: UStoreit LLC charges a 10% fee on all transactions to pay for services on this platform. UStoreIt LLC charges 3% credit card fee for all transactions. 


                                               UStoreIt IS NOT A SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM

UStoreIt is powered by the Sharetribe marketplace platform.

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